10 Things I’m Loving

Today, I kept my sweats on (#friyay!) and went live in the Facebook group. I shared 10 of my favorite things that have been helping me in my healing process. I’m sharing them with you below! Also, I’d love to hear what you are LOVING right now! Comment below 🙂

#1 Rebecca Campbell’s Rise Sister Rise book…. so soulful and feminine!
#2 RITUALS… the simple and the complex, all soul-nourishing
#3 Oils (of course)… I love Forgive and I tell you about Pixi’s potions in the video!
#4 MONQ… okay, I’m not completely sold yet, but I’m enjoying trying it out!
#5 Bioenergetic medicine… this is SO cool and I’m doing my first scan next week. Listen to the video to learn more.
#6 Paleo balls… (and everything from PaleOMG)
#7 YIN yoga… like a massage for your bones
#8 Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic book… for living a creative living and moving OUT of survival mode
#9 Shamanic Drums… sound healing for my body and mind
#10 Sisterhood… surprised I didn’t cry when I expressed how grateful for I am for all of you! It’s the truth. Thank you for being here. Thank you for showing up. I love you.

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