3 Ways to Crowd Out Anxiety

Recently, I had a several week span of 3-5 panic attacks a day. It was rough. It was extremely frustrating. It pushed me to my edge. (You can read more about my anxiety here).

None of my normal coping methods worked. I tried surrounding myself in a healing bubble of light. I tried isolating myself. I tried meditating. I tried oils and sage and crystals.

What do you do when your tried and true strategies no longer bring you relief?

I had to explore outside of myself…

I asked for a healer, a guide, a teacher.

…And a slavic shaman happened to come into town!

So, I put myself in the student seat and attended her workshop on protecting your energy.

Here are three sacred practices I learned for crowding out anxiety:

1. Laughter. How can your energy field be penetrated with negativity or anxiety when you are laughing? It can’t.

Laughter sends a message to your brain that you are safe. You don’t need to fear. And your body doesn’t need to trigger a stress response. You are filled with love and light. Your muscles relax. Your face softens. You send endorphins to your brain. Just with laughter!

Here’s the thing though… when you are in the middle of the black cloud of anxiety, you typically don’t want to laugh. So, sometimes you have to fake until you make it. It’s going to be weird and probably uncomfortable. But just try. Start with “ha, ha, ha.” You might sound ridiculous enough that you send yourself into true authentic laughter. I also like to play a short youtube video that makes me laugh, just to get the ball rolling. Laughter feels good. Do it as often as possible.

2. Positive Fury. When you are energy sensitive, you may give away and receive energy charges from people around you. This can be anxiety inducing. It becomes hard to decipher was is and isn’t yours to carry. Simple awareness helps, but assertiveness is even better.

So, go outside and throw your fist towards the Earth and say, “I will never give up my power.” Then throw your fist to the sky and shout, “I will always be filled with love.” And when anxiety starts creeping in, do the same thing. Tell it, “you are not welcome here.” Be assertive. Let it flow THROUGH you, instead of carrying the energy.

3. Sacred sharing of energy. It is said that modern dark energy is what tries to keep us apart. We close ourselves off. We cancel plans. We do everything online. We no longer connect with each other.

Coming together to share energy wards off anxiety. It reminds you that you are just a student in this life. It’s even more wonderful if you can come together with people who share similar beliefs and you can perform some sort of ritual with, like a meditation. Support each other. Hold each other up. Spread love. Screw that dark energy that tries to keep us apart.

And if you’re in an emergency situation and can’t bring people together, but need help with your anxiety, just meditate on your own. Or call someone up on the phone and ask them to hold space for you or video chat! Try not to close yourself off. Share your experience with the world.

If you are seeking a safe place to share, join the private Autoimmune Tribe group on Facebook here.

I expand on these tools in much more detail in this month’s Healing Circle exercises. Read more about it here.

I’m curious to know your best methods for dealing with anxiety? Comment below or post in the group!

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