3 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

What if you could stop searching outside of yourself for answers, solutions, and quick fixes, and instead you TRUSTED yourself?

Six years ago, when I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease, I catapulted into a treasure hunt to find some type of ‘magic’ cure, solution, pill, product, etc. What I learned was that all the MAGIC was inside of me, there was no need to waste money, time, and energy searching for something outside of myself.

I was my own guru. I learned that by strengthening my intuition.

Intuition is challenging to define. Steve Jobs called it “more powerful that intellect.”

To me, intuition is a deep inner knowing, a lack of analyzing, FEELING instead of thinking, and listening to your inner voice. It is the ability to know something or understand something with out conscious reasoning.

So what the hell does this have to do with autoimmune disease?

Imagine if…

you could uncover truth and answers about your body without ever booking another therapy appointment
you could feel confident in your decisions every day
you could get tuned in and tapped in to your body in order to cultivate greater self love
you could choose your foods intuitively, pick your health care practitioner intuitively, or schedule your day intuitively…

I believe your intuition is one of your greatest powers!

Listen to my Sunday Soul Chat to learn 3 new ways to strengthen your intuition.

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