A reading for you.

I felt we all needed some guidance today, so I asked the cards to help. Here is what came up. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.



Card #1- (represents the issue)
Full moon (completion): You seek a whole new life, fresh start, and remission from disease. Whatever you have been working on will reach its culmination. It may have been a short journey or maybe a very long drawn out one, yet regardless of time, you will reach completion. Allow yourself to feel the contentment and appreciation of the journey and how far you’ve come. Like the gratification of exhaling after a deep inhale. Rather than rush to the next thing, sit in peace for a while. Take it easy. Honor this cycle before attacking what comes next in your life.

Card #2- (subconscious influence of which you are unaware)
Dawn (new beginnings): In the beginning of your healing process the progress and improvement might be too small to really notice. The darkness of the circumstances are still present. It is difficult to decipher where the old you and new you begins. Gradually though, you’ll notice the improvements and the all the wonderfulness that comes with it. Say farewell to the old and honor the new by releasing self-imposed restraints and limiting beliefs. Listen to your intuition and your truth. Doubts may arise, but rest assured you will succeed!

Card #3- (external influence of which you are aware)
Desert (vision quest): You need to meditate more. In meditation you will develop more awareness and receive more of the answers you’ve been seeking. There are clues all around you that your subconscious is trying to relay to you, but you have to open yourself to receive them. Spend time in nature and meditate. Take your questions with you and see what comes up. This is a powerful card indicating that all the other messages are amplified by 3.

Card #4- (what is required for resolution)
DNA (karma): You need to change your thought process, you can heal yourself, open yourself to the possibilities. While your DNA may have impacted your current health, there is also a pattern that came together to create you. As you evolve in your consciousness and expand the light of awareness you can make choices that shift and modify your design. You already feel this tug at your soul. You hear a voice that tells you not to follow the traditional path, but to listen to your intuition. The choice is yours.

Card #5- (resolution)
Dragonfly (emergence): This is a beautiful card and I’m so delighted it came up. A goddess (that’s you!) will emerge from the gestation period. You are in an intense process of emergence into the next cycle of your life. Unlike more gradual shifts, this one will happen more rapidly if you allow it. Don’t stop to contemplate or overthink it. You might not feel ready but you ARE. And you can use this experience and wisdom to help lift others. Life is demanding you move quickly into the next stage of maturity. Adjust the way you think and communicate. Shed your ego or negative self thoughts or illusions of “I’m not good enough.” Surrender to the flow and open up to what will be a beautiful transformation.

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