Full Moon Ritual

Hello, lovely! This is a full moon ritual we did together for the April 10/11 2017 “Pink” Full Moon. However, this is a ritual that can be practiced for any full moon.

1. Write down who or what you want to forgive.
2. Visualize that person (it can also be you) in front of you.
3. Meditate with mantra: I’m sorry, Forgive me, I love you, Thank you
4. Recite or listen to Invocation
5. Burn, flush, or rip your paper!

xo Sarah

2017 Calender (all in Eastern Standard Time)

January 12th Full Wolf Moon @ 6:34 am
February 10th Full Snow Moon @ 7:33 pm
March 12th Full Worm Moon @ 10:54 am
April 11th Full Pink Moon @ 2:08 am
May 10th Full Flower Moon @ 5:42 pm
June 9th Full Strawberry Moon @ 9:10 am
July 9th Full Buck Moon @ 12:07 am
August 7th Full Sturgeon Moon @ 2:11 pm
September 6th Full Corn Moon @ 3:03 am
October 5th Full Harvest Moon @ 2:40 pm
November 4th Full Beaver Moon @ 1:23 am
December 3rd Full Cold Moon @ 10:47 am

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