what is vibrational crystal healing?

Vibrational crystal healing is a form of energy medicine. It incorporates vibrational tools including crystals, essential oils, sound healing, chakra balancing, and intuition. It is not religious, but does require the client to be open-minded. Crystal healing weaves vibrational medicine, electromagnetic frequencies, sound waves, crystalline structures, and the power of intention in order to activate your inner healer.

Why do we use this form of vibrational medicine?

Each session will be used to discover the energetic blocks and imbalances in your body. This can be beneficial for physical healing, emotional healing, and spiritual healing. By uncovering the blocks or imbalances in your body we can can actively manipulate this energy towards a positive and healthy way of being, which may prevent physical symptoms from presenting. It may also leave you feeling more balanced and grounded.

What is a chakra?

Chakras (aka your wheels of life) are energy centers in your subtle energy body that connect to your physical body and are associated with emotional themes.

how are chakras incorporated into this session?

I use the basic chakra system (7 main energy centers) as a roadmap to assess and treat your greatest needs. After reading your chakras, I will give you feedback on whether each chakra is healthy or imbalanced and relate it the emotions you experience. For example, your root chakra is associated with survival, money, shelter, grounding, and safety. So, if I discovered an underactive spin on your root chakra center I would coach you and give you techniques to help balance this aspect of your life.
  • BEFORE THE CALL, I will use a pendulum to read your 7 main chakra centers. I take notes on what I pick up intuitively and create personalized mantras for each energy center. I will also pull a crystal card for each chakra in order to gather deeper insight.
  • DURING THE CALL, I’ll explain my process to you and then go over each area of your body in greater detail. You will have time to ask any questions you have. Then, after we’re through with some of the coaching we’ll move on to the healing. You’ll lay down place the crystals on your body as directed by me. I’ll go through each chakra starting from the root and moving up the spine, to recalibrate your energy and send healing white light. This is a physical process that I do on my end. All you have to do is lay there while I work on each of your chakras and give you affirmations to repeat. Afterwards you should feel centered, grounded, and a shift in energy!
  • AFTER THE CALL, you have the option of listening to the master solfeggio frequency (1122 Hz) for as long as you’d like. You’ll remove the crystals from your body when you’re ready, removing the grounding stone last. And then you’ll receive a follow up email from me with a crystal prescription, an essential oil suggestion, and the image of the healing set up I created for you, as well as any special homework.
Sarah shows up in the most beautiful way during her crystal healing. The amount of work that she put into this one short session was immense and impressive. Sarah had drawn cards for and had completed a pendulum evaluation on each of my chakras prior to our call, so our time was spent discussing the results, doing a gorgeous crystal meditation, and talking about where to go from here. Her discussion with me was deep and helped me to relax into my personal growth, visualizing that which I desire as already mine. I highly recommend a crystal healing session with this talented woman - I know you'll walk away feeling bright, hopeful, and capable like I did.
The crystal healing session combines all of Sarah's strengths into one session - card readings, crystals, healing, and essential oils. She uses her intuition to make each portion of the session tailored to you as an individual and provides you with the information you need to move forward in your healing. After my session I found myself becoming more in tune with my own intuition. If you've been considering working with Sarah one on one, this is the best way to get started!

Who is this for and how can it help?

This is for anyone who feels imbalanced in their life. This could be a physical symptom or an emotional symptom. For those who are struggling with autoimmune disease this could be extremely beneficial in helping understand how thought patterns create disease and how to recalibrate your body to an energetic match for health. Your symptoms are not the problem, they are how to heal the problem. This healing session will give you deeper insight into your body so that you can move past the confusion and get true clarity.

Do I need to have my own crystals?

No! You have two payment options. The first option includes a set of chakra stones mailed to you. The second option is for those who already have a full chakra stone set. An example would include; red jasper, orange carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, blue lace agate, amethyst, and clear quartz.

How often should you get a healing session?

For anyone who is really struggling I’d suggest a session once every week or every other week. For those of you who just want to create and maintain balance in your life, I’d suggest once a month.


Vibrational Crystal Healing Disclaimer: Vibrational Crystal Healing (a form of alternative energy medicine) is not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, nor are the holistic tools that I use, such as essential oils, healing crystals, sound instruments, tarot cards, etc. If someone has a serious health imbalance they should see a Doctor or other appropriate, qualified and licensed professional, and make complementary alternative medicine part of a complete health care program. All healing is self healing. The practitioner works with the crystals and with other methods to assist themselves and others in facilitating their own healing. Vibrational Crystal Healing does not use any tissue manipulation or massage and does not ever involve undressing (with the exception of shoe removal), or sexual contact of any kind under any circumstance. Unethical people have been known to abuse other people under the pretext of spiritual , holistic and complementary healing. Such people should be reported to authorities promptly. If any news of child or elder abuse is brought to the attention of the Practitioner at any time, this information will be reported in full to the authorities, immediately, without exception.
Transpersonal/Spiritual Coaching/Counseling Disclaimer: Spiritual Coaching is not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment. If you have a serious health imbalance please see a Doctor or other appropriate, qualified and licensed professional, and make complementary alternative medicine part of a complete health care program. These services are offered as part of my practice as a Holistic Healing Practitioner and are not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual information. My primary efforts are directed to helping others discover, acquire and activate their own abilities to heal themselves, to commune with their Higher Spirit directly and to assist with Earthly self healing, balance and improved whole health.

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