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I was sitting at my desk this week pondering what to buy everyone on my list this year for the holidays. As someone who has received a gift basket filled entirely of foods I was allergic to (it wasn’t a joke! haha), I decided to put together a list for you. It can be used as a subtle hint to your loved ones 😉 😉 or for gifts to give to your friends and family. But, I also feel I need to insert my opinion in here, and that is that LOVE is the greatest gift of all.

Here you go beautifuls….

Many of you are in my free course on essential oils right now. Buy a few oils and make blends for your family (and save the rest for yourself)!

Holiday party blend: 2 drops clove, 2 drops cassia, 2 drops white fir, 2 drops wild orange
Or try Holiday Joy (in stock for a limited time)!


Then give the oils as a gift with a diffuser, so they can fill their home with healing vibes!

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While we’re on the topic of healing vibes… a salt lamp helps purify the air in your home. It attracts water vapor that could be carrying mold, bacteria, or allergens. It also helps soothe allergies and is a great night light!

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Magnesium salt has SO many healing benefits. One of my favorite ways to receive it’s healing benefits is by taking an epsom salt bath. It would also be great to add a couple drops of an essential oil, like lavender, to your salt mixture to help relieve some holiday stress.

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While you’re in the bath, soak up some healing benefits of crystals too! Blue Lace Agate is known for removing blockages in the body. Drop a stone in the water and soak for 10-20 minutes! (Just don’t let it go down the drain)


You can shop these and other crystals on my website. They aren’t just healing, they are also beautiful to place on your coffee table or dresser. Or you can hold them during meditation. Shop crystals here:

I also love using meditation as a healing practice. This series by Oprah and Deepak is great for beginners because it’s guided and not so intimidating.

Try one out here:

And then give one of the meditation series as a gift along with a cute meditation pillow!

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Can’t forget food as part of healing!!! The more tools you have the easier preparation becomes. I love my Ninja blender for soup, cauliflower hummus, date energy balls, pureeing veggies, and more!

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And members of the AIP community recently came out with a cookbook that is all instant pot recipes!

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And of course, you’ll need a good crockpot for making bone broth! I have one, but I’m asking for another one this year so I can make larger batches.

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Books are one of my favorites gifts to give and to receive. Check out the resources page on my website for book ideas and links to purchase:

*Note: There are affiliate links above.

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