How I Went from Certified Control Freak to Going with the FLOW

I went from daily panic attacks + totally lost about who I was to >>> feeling grounded, confident, & aware of myself.

Back in college, I drank a lot. My body paid for it. I spent a lot of days sleeping off hangovers. This was before I realized I had chronic illness. And also, I’m sure, that was a partial contributor to my chronic illness.

But, I remember going to the local yoga studio (in Kalamazoo, Michigan) and feeling like that hour of movement and breath would save my life.

I became addicted FAST. I was there every day>> moving, breathing, flowing….

And then, I would go home and the dissatisfaction of my current state of life and mind would amplify.

I was taking care of my body for that hour of flow, but I wasn’t allowing REST of my life to FLOW.

I felt stuck. Unsure of how to release control. I had a tight grip on everything. I tried to be perfect at EVERYTHING… I was a certified control freak.

And then I remember deciding that I would take this newfound love of yoga to a deeper level and start considering the **M** word…. yep. MEDITATION.

I remember the first time I tried to meditate. The dialogue in my head was a little something like this…

“Okay, I got this. I can be good at this.”
“Wait, am I doing it right?”
“I wonder if what I’m feeling is normal…”
“I wish I could talk…”
“Ughhhh I have so many other things to do today.”
“Are we done yet?”
“Okay, I think I’m done. What am I supposed to feel now??”

Again. There was no flow here. Just a control freak trying to control.

So, I quickly went back to the mat. That hour of movement would have to do for now.

Later that same year, I remember buying this book called “Journey to the Heart” by Melody Beattie. Someone told me that I should just flip open the book whatever page it opened to and read that passage. So, I did.

HOLY SHIT. First of all, I had to let go of controlling the outcome. *mini WIN* But then, every time I did this I would end up reading a passage that related to the exact struggle I was facing that day or week. *mind blown*

I didn’t know it at the time, but this was an OPENING to my intuition and a way to start FLOWING off the mat.

I loved it.

The seed had been planted. I was becoming more energetically aligned with the life I desired. After that I started buying more books, and doing more workshops, and stepping outside of **Sarah’s comfortable healing zone** to discover tools that far surpassed my current toolbox.

Today, my toolbox is vast, abundant, and still ever-growing.

Bringing more TRUST & FLOW into my life has allowed me to see illness as a teacher. I feel more grounded in WHO I AM than ever.

I feel a strong pull to share more tools, moments, and experiences with you.

I invite you to ebb and flow with me in order to steady your feet and feel more grounded during this Fall’s at home retreat (hosted online), Grounding Your Soul.

Are you ready to ground down in order to rise up to your greatest self?

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