How to ACTUALLY meet your goals in 2017

I’m not one for setting New Year’s resolutions. In fact, I almost rebel against it because as someone who has worked at a yoga studio and a gym I’ve seen people run to the studio in herds and then slowly fall off.

And that’s more than just an observation… 95% of people who set New Year’s resolutions break their resolution by January 15th.

So what makes goals more sustainable? What makes you stick to your intentions? How do you manifest your dreams? How do you actually meet and then exceed your goals?

I’m working with a coach of my own right now and part of my homework is to write 20 affirmations EVERY DAY. (I also give my 1:1 clients homework after every call… I enjoy homework as a way to put your coaching sessions into action).

So, I’ve been writing these 20 affirmations every day… and it’s been a really powerful tool to manifest my goals, to dream up my most amazing life, and to stay in check EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But, I don’t just write my wishes down. I FEEL them. What would it FEEL like to book three new clients? What would it FEEL like to help someone become their own best healer or feel the best they have ever felt in their life? What would they say to me? How would that change my life?

And I don’t just throw anything down on the page either. If I don’t truly feel conviction behind that affirmation then I leave it out. For example, “I have a brand new car.” Yes, I’d love a new car. But, do I feel emotional intensity around it? Do I think about it all the time? Do I work towards getting a new car everyday? No. Because, I’m not emotionally invested in a new car. I am, however, emotionally intense and have conviction around helping my clients. I go to sleep thinking about new ways I can help them. I emotionally prepare myself and my energy for every session so I can be the best listener. So a more appropriate affirmation would be, “I easily help change my clients lives.”

See, affirmations are written like they have already happened, in the present tense.

Here are some more examples:
Money comes easily to me.
I meditate 3 times a week.
I have a successful business that compensates me well.
I have a life filled with joy.

So, beyond writing the affirmations, having conviction behind them, and repeating them until I really FEEL what it would feel like for them to be true, I also ask myself some questions…

What is holding me back?
What limiting beliefs do I have surrounding myself or this goal?
Am I really matching my vibration to this goal?
Am I making progress towards this goal everyday? Why not?

And once some of the limitations are uncovered I ask… well what actions CAN I take towards my goals? Beyond manifesting them every single day, what SMALL STEPS can I take towards them that will create forward movement and momentum?

So now I have an action plan. I’m vibrating in their intensity. I feel the way accomplishing these goals would feel. I have a better understanding of what is holding me back. And now I can take one small step forward towards manifestation. And that progress is all I need to keep moving forward. But after the first small steps of progress you’ll see that it becomes more of a snowball. The manifesting becomes easier. And you know it works. So you make it a ritual and you stick to it everyday. And now you check all the tick marks off of your goals sheet and think even BIGGER for next week, month, or year.

Here’s to manifesting an AMAZING 2017 xoxo

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