How to Use the Law of Attraction for Autoimmune Healing

Have you heard of the law of attraction? In the most basic terms, law of attraction is “like attracts like.” Meaning where you focus your thoughts and intentions has a deep impact on what happens to you.

So, what does this have to do with autoimmune healing?

Let’s get one thing straight first, law of attraction is not scary or woo-woo. It’s really simple. What focus your thoughts, words, or energy on allows those things to flow into your life.

“I can’t eat anything,” “I’m sensitive to everything,” and “I’m never going to get better” turns those things into your reality after enough repetition. Where as we can actively choose to change our thoughts and beliefs towards energy that serves us better… “The foods I eat are delicious.” “I eat foods that are nutrient-dense and healing.” “I feel amazing. All is well in my world.”

As you become aware of the law of attraction you become more aware of your thoughts, especially your most frequent thoughts. You begin to notice the underlying negative self talk about yourself or your disease. But, with this awareness we can shift and create new beliefs and new patterns which reflect that which we truly desire, such as joy, love, and health.

I do this all the time to attract 1:1 clients that are perfect for me. People that I can truly help and are open to healing and ready to become their own greatest healer. I write in my journal, “I attract women who are ideal clients for me. They are open-minded, ready to heal, and I have all the tools they desire. I am a clear choice for them to work with. I am of high service and they get great value out of working with me.”

And… it works. Women who are slightly on the spiritual side, open to energy healing, and ready for an ally in their healing hire me.

In the video blog I present a mindset shift to you, instead of fighting your symptoms, can you ask what message they are here to send you? Ask what block is coming up or where you need to heal. Can you see your body as perfect and become an energetic match for perfect health?

Listen below as I take you through this 6-step process using the law of attraction:

1. Get clear, relaxed, and grounded.
2. Check yo’ self
3. Ask the Universe
4. Feel it as if it’s already true
5. Practice gratitude

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