It’s OKAY to NOT be OKAY {9 steps to clear limiting beliefs}

On Sunday, I attended my boyfriend’s grandma’s funeral. I never met his grandma, but wanted to be there to support him and his family.

It wasn’t until I walked into the funeral home and saw all the pictures of their family, his grandma’s photo in the newspaper playing volleyball well into her 60’s, and heard people beginning to express their condolences to his family during the visitation hour, that I totally lost it.

I had a visceral reaction to being there in that moment. I flashed back to June 2015, standing at the head of the room, giving hugs to people as they waited in line to give their condolences to my family for our loss.

I wasn’t ‘okay.’

I felt everything all over again. I time traveled back to 2 years ago. And I felt all the energy of all of the previous funerals that had commenced in that building.

It was too much. I stepped outside to release my pain and sadness in the way of ugly tears and snot.

My initial reaction was that I needed to suck it up, fast, and get my shit together. It wasn’t about me today. It was about the life of their grandmother, mother, sister, and friend.

But, rather than wiping my tears and stepping back inside (both literally and metaphorically with my emotions), I decided that it was okay to be not okay.

And it was such a relief. It’s okay to not be okay.

I’ll say it again: IT’S. OKAY. TO. NOT. BE. OKAY.

Whew. Doesn’t that feel relieving and refreshing?

When I got ready to prep Sunday Soul Chat later that same day, I realized I still needed some help working through this limiting belief (“I have to be okay all the time/keep my shit together/ always be fine”).

So I took the community through a 9 step process to clear ANY limiting belief that I recently learned and implemented in my own life.

Grab your pen and paper and follow along below!

One thought on “It’s OKAY to NOT be OKAY {9 steps to clear limiting beliefs}

  1. Donna says:

    This was amazing! I worked through 2 of my most challenging limiting beliefs and now have 2 new thoughts that I choose to believe instead. Thank you!

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