Jenn’s Incredible Shift

I am SO grateful for this beautiful soul, Jennifer. She is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, mommy-to-be, and so full love LOVE and LIGHT. I can’t thank her enough for putting our time together in words. She did so beautifully.

“Working with Sarah has literally changed my life. When I look back and think of the person I was before working with Sarah, I honestly can’t believe how much my health, and also my emotional well being has changed.

When I first emailed Sarah, we were looking into IVF and getting pregnant. I was really nervous and anxious, because I felt that my autoimmune was such an obstacle. I had tried loads of supplements, the AIP diet, and so many other things, but I knew there was something else missing – but what.

I needed that accountability and honestly someone who understood what I was going through, and would hold my hand and lovingly kick my arse when I needed it the most.
After speaking to Sarah on our ‘introduction’ phone call, I knew that this was who I had to work with. She understood – really understood what I was going through and also shared her journey, which I thought was very comforting.

I have worked with Sarah for almost a year now, and I always look forward to our calls. We first started working on my diet. She gave me an incredible amount of resources and support. We then, realized that I needed more – I needed to be healed emotionally.

Sarah, was able to notice where I held limited beliefs, and where I needed to do the most healing. She was able to teach me skills, that I would have never used in my life. She created a tool kit for me to use, which I cherish everyday.

I am now 26 weeks pregnant, and Sarah has taught me to see my autoimmune has something that has given me strength. I know, sometimes it’s hard to imagine, but I now feel less burden by it. I have learned priceless strategies to help with my anxiety, nourishing foods to help with my leaky gut, and most importantly I have learned that this journey is my journey and to trust.

She embodies so much more than a Health Coach. She brings her heart and soul to each person that she meets.

If you are feeling lost about your autoimmune – please contact Sarah.”

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