Lemon + Sage Parsnip Mash (AIP)


-1/2 lemon
-4-5 parsnips
-1 T ground sage
-1 large onion
-your choice of grassfed fat/lard
-1 T chopped garlic
-1 c bone broth
-3/4 c coconut milk
-salt to taste


-dice the parsnips and add to a large skillet or wok with your choice of fat
-add salt, garlic, juice from lemon, and sage
-saute until soft, then add 1 cup of bone broth, simmer
-while simmering chop onion, add to a separate pan with fat and cook until caramelized
-add the parsnip mix to a blender, add 3/4 cup coconut milk (mixture will be mostly smooth with some chunks)
-serve the onion on top of the parsnip and eat as a side dish or a meal!

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