Let’s Play “Would You Rather…”

Last night I hosted a live chat to celebrate Autoimmune Tribe’s 1st birthday!!!

Let me ask you this… in one year would you rather be feeling the same way you do now, or feeling energized and inspired?

Would you rather have binge watched a bunch of Netflix shows or made a bunch of memories?

Would you rather wake up knowing you can adapt to whatever the day ahead brings or wake up scared of what your body might do that day?

Would you rather have a full autoimmune healing toolkit or feel lost and confused on how to heal?

Would you rather have anxiety run your life or have anxiety be something of your past?

Would you rather be complaining about your damn disease or in complete acceptance of it?

I think you know how I WANT you to answer all these questions…

But what are you going to do to get there?

What CAN you do? What are the actionable steps to fulfill your dream health and life?

Last year, I sat on the floor. Defeated. I felt unvalued, unappreciated, and unworthy. I was surrounded by this feeling of LACK. I focused only on what I DIDN’T have instead of what I wanted to manifest.

Then, I thought about my brother. He had taken his life a little over a year ago. I thought about how I was choosing to live in his absence. I thought about how I could honor him and live out my life with greater ‘oomph.’

I decided that my brother would want me to live out my dreams, he would want me to thrive. He wouldn’t want me sitting on the floor, lost, confused, and hopeless.

So I picked myself up and got to work. I quit my job. I started taking small steps towards my big hairy audacious dream of owning a business that helped women with autoimmune disease heal.

It wasn’t easy, starting a business never is. But, it has been FUN and filled with massive love for this cause.

I wake up everyday and ask myself: how can I be of high service to this community today?

And I let my intuition and my brother’s spirit guide me.

Through trusting the process, ideas have flooded my mind. Everyday I feel inspired to keep creating. And as you’ll hear in the video below, my most recent channeled inspiration is something for any and all of you who struggle with ANXIETY.

It’s a meditation album on visualizations for anxious feelings. There will be 3-tracks that were given to me, to create and share with you. These visualizations will be enhance with the use of essential oils, however the oils are optional.

I opened the pre-order option during last night’s live chat.

So, I ask you, in one year… How do you want to feel? What do you want to accomplish? Will you be victim to your disease or paving your own path?

I invite you to join me for the latter, paving the pathway towards your ideal health and life.

Let’s start by meditating together. Choose your option below:

1) Essential Oils Intro Kit (peppermint, lavender, lemon) + meditation album (mp4 files)- http://bit.ly/2hqxMB5

2) Meditation Album only (mp4 files)- http://bit.ly/2wfvWoT

Released on September 30th!

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