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Last week I faced my fears and spent 3 days with 30,000 people. Being an empath, this is a BIG.DEAL. right?? Can any of you relate?

But, it was for a good reason! And, I’m proud to say, I did really, really well protecting my energy.

I went to the doTERRA oil convention in Salt Lake City where I met amazing women from my oils team for the very first time.

Please, don’t click away yet. Just because I mentioned a MLM company, I don’t want to scare you!! In fact, I had a conversation with my boyfriend before getting on the plane that went a little something like this:

Him: So, how many people are going to be at this thing?
Me: Um, 30,000…
Him: Oh, so it’s like an oil cult?
Me: No!!
Him: Are you sure?? Sounds like a cult.
Me: Okay babe, I promise you right now I will keep an eye out for any cult behavior and will definitely NOT drink the kool-aid.
Him: Deal.
*Me while at convention*: Am I drinking the kool-aid? Did I drink the kool-aid?

LOL. Happy to say, there was no chemical laden kool-aid to be drunk. Only AMAZING energy.

I was SO impressed by the caliber of this company. Seriously, so impressed.

I was already sold on the quality of the product, clearly, because I use them everyday. But, meeting the founding executives and the women who also use the oils was a game changer. I feel so lucky to be in a tribe that is supportive and helps to deliver the education I desire.

So, during Sunday Soul Chat this week, I shared some of my main takeaways, what I learned, and how some of the new oils can help anyone suffering from autoimmune disease.

A few more reasons I love this company, that I didn’t mention in the video:

*they held the first ever medical symposium with essential oils
*they are opening multiple medical centers throughout the United States the incorporate essential oils
*direct sourcing!!!! that means, for example, frankincense comes directly from the smallholder farmers in Somalia, no middlemen
*they ONLY source from sustainable plants, so for example, doTERRA will no longer be carrying white fir because it is not sustainable, and they replaced it with (the actually superior) Siberian fir oil
*they funded a mobile forensics lab to help speed up the arrest of sex traffickers
*they trained 2 dogs to sniff and detect precisely where these potential bad guys hide their micro SD cards with child pornography
*they built full medical centers in Madagascar
*the HOPE rollerball profits go to Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit committed to rescuing children kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking, AND 7,000 rollerballs have been distributed to girls who are potentially being trafficked and under the label is a number to call for help

I could go on, but I hope you understand why I’m writing this… not all essential oil companies are this dedicated to quality, potency, third party certification, ethical sourcing, sustainable sourcing, helping build communities, lift people out of poverty, and changing the way we look at health care.

In fact, I don’t know of any.

All of this got me thinking… you might be reading this email and thinking:

“Cool, sounds like a good company, but why should I be using essential oils? and how do they help with autoimmune disease?”

I am going to provide you a solution.

Next week I am launching “The ABCs of Essential Oils & Autoimmune Disease” where I will be going live to share short videos (around 5 minutes) on every doTERRA essential oil and how it can help you as a women with autoimmune disease or symptoms. I’ll be going through them alphabetically and answering your questions along the way! There will also be fun giveaways in the group.

So I invite you to join me:

And watch the video below!

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