I was using toxic products to clean my home, wash my face, and tame my vitiligo. I was taking Xanax and other over the counter medications for pain and anxiety management. I knew there was a more holistic path, but I didn’t take it until I was introduced to essential oils. Now, I’ve replaced ALL of my products with natural solutions. I use the Deep Blue rub every. single. day. for my intense body discomfort, ache, and soreness. I use oils to balance my hormones. I diffuse oils in my home for emotional healing. I put drops on the bottom of my feet for grounding. I take On Guard capsules when I’m feeling under the weather. And because water is the most healing for me, I put oils into the bath every night. Essential oils helped me create new, healthy habits, reduce the toxic load on my body, and provide solutions for immune system support. I’m so grateful to have been pushed to try these gifts from Mother Earth. I hope you’ll give them a chance too. xo, Sarah

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Oils for an Anxious Heart & Worried Mind

How I Use Essential Oils

… these are just a few ways to start using essential oils in your healing process!

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  • 15mL Citrus Bliss
  • 15mL Lime
  • 15mL Bergamot
  • 15mL Grapefruit
  • 15mL Lemongrass
  • 15mL Lavender


  • DigestZen softgel capsules
  • 15mL Ginger
  • 15mL DigestZen
  • TerraZyme (digestive enzyme complex)
  • 15mL Lemon


  • 4oz Deep Blue Rub
  • 15mL Lemongrass
  • 15mL Rosemary
  • 15mL Eucalyptus
  • 15mL Lavender
  • 15mL Peppermint
  • 10mL Past Tense rollerball


  • 10mL Cheer rollerball
  • 10mL Peace rollerball
  • 10mL Forgive rollerball
  • 10mL Motivate rollerball
  • 10mL Console rollerball
  • 15mL Balance
  • 15mL Cilantro


  • Petal Diffuser
  • 10mL Hope rollerball
  • 15mL Ylang Ylang
  • 15mL Serenity
  • 15mL Balance

Essential oils have been a gamechanger in my healing journey. Facing several severe and (so far) very treatment resistant chronic pain conditions I used to feel very limited in my toolkit in terms of at home options for treatment (i.e…so many medications!). Essential oils have not eliminated the need for medication, but they have provided me with emotional and physical support and new alternatives that I can grab for first. They’ve also been a gateway for incorporating other healing/self care tools – like baths/meditation/etc – that help in controlling my pain and calming my mind. Plus they smell amazing and have been fun and interesting learn about.

Natalie S.

I used to take Tylenol PM *every night* for pain and to help me sleep. Then melatonin, which did nothing to help me. THEN finally I began diffusing lavender oil at night, switching to essential oil-based foot and hand lotions, and using wintergreen oil and later doTerra Deep Blue for pain. I’m totally off both Tylenol PM and melatonin, and I don’t even take Advil when I have a headache any more! I go straight for the wintergreen and a few pain relief roller ball blends, and I try to relax and get to the root of my pain. I never thought I’d fall in love with oils, but I cannot live without them now!

Suzanne B.