SNEAK PEEK: Meal Prep Sunday

Preparing some staples ahead of time is part of my weekly routine and also what helps me stay on track. I usually bake a whole chicken and then make broth with the bones. Use the chicken to put on soups or for an egg-free chicken salad. Good grab and go’s like protein muffins are also clutch for busy mornings. And I love to pre-chop veggies for salads or slice up a whole pineapple to munch on during the week. There are endless ways to meal prep and make your week much easier. And it can be fun 🙂 This Sunday I blasted some tunes, hung with my puggle (Bella), and made some pumpkin pie chia pudding, pumpkin protein muffins, and apple parsnip soup for the week! Enjoy xoxo

More meal prepping ideas:
-pre-chop veggies
-slice up fruit and make a fruit salad
-cook your favorite protein and store in serving sizes
-slice and freeze bananas for smoothies throughout the week
-bake a whole chicken and then cook up some chicken bone broth
-cook your favorite soup, store in the refrigerator, or freeze extras
-bake healthy muffins, protein pancakes, or protein donuts to eat throughout the week
-prepare overnight chia seed or gluten-free oat pudding
-roast different veggies on one pan with seasoning
-assemble salads in mason jars (add dressing later)
-make your own salad dressings for the week
-portion out smoothie ingredients and save in individual bags, blend when you are ready!
-make fig or date balls for a sweet treat
-go crazy with your crockpot, let your recipe cook while you meal prep everything else! Eat it for dinner Sunday night and save the rest for the week.

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