The Power of Belief in Autoimmune Healing

Healing is remembering who we truly are. -Barbara Brennan

We often hesitate to show our wounds, or we feel like our pain is unlike anyone else’s, but in reality, we share many of the same human emotions…

We may not see these pains as obvious in those around us, because people wear protective masks or because they are struggling with invisible illness, however we’re all human. And we’re often more alike than how it may appear at first glance.

On June 28, 2015 my brother died. This past week I shared my non-linear pathway with grief. How it feels more like a ticking time bomb than any type of cycle. I expressed my fear and the pain of losing my brother. I explained my disbelief in how the world possibly rolls on without him.

How do you take something so heavy and remember to find the good? That has been my journey over the past 2 years. Find the joy, find the love, find the gratitude, find the laughter, find the healing. When I shared part of this story during a yoga class, the response was not separation, it was “I feel that way too” and “I experienced that too.”

We are more alike that we think. We share more pain, more fears, and more worries than we think. Let’s begin to realize we are here to connect, relate, and lift each other up, instead of draw comparison and shoot each other down.

As I drove across the country the past four days I listened to Bruce Lipton’s online course, the Biology of Belief. It solidified the importance of and scientific evidence behind the power of thought as a culprit of disease.

Thoughtways that are distorted or out of sync send the wrong signals to our body. Cells need a healthy environment in order to thrive and in a stressed environment your immune system shuts off, as well as growth and maintenance functions within your body. Dr. Lipton talked about the placebo effect, which is a perfect example of why our thoughts matter. The study group that gets the sugar pill unintentionally activates their own inner healer and their power of belief.

If your thought pattern is “I don’t think I can” then you won’t.

If your thought pattern is “I know I can” then you will.

“What we think, we become” -Buddhist saying

How do we sort through this so-called-thing LIFE in a way that promotes health rather than disease? And how do we uncover the hidden limiting beliefs beneath the layers of our skin?

Last night, during Sunday’s Soul Chat, I did a nutri-energetic scan on my Mom. On the live stream I showed the energetic distortions in her body in a visual way. This information empowers her to shift her thought patterns towards health and healing, and away from discomfort or habitual patterns. It activates her consciousness rather than subconscious programming.

Then she shared my brother’s eulogy in which she intentionally chose to experience his death in her own way. I won’t try to summarize this in my own words. Just listen.

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