{VIDEO} Meal Prep Sunday + Thanksgiving Leftover Edition

We still haven’t eaten all our Thanksgiving leftovers. It was my first year hosting Thanksgiving at my house, which was awesome, but also meant a lot of food left in the fridge. So I got a little creative tonight!

Here’s what I made:

-Peanut butter stuffed bacon wrapped dates. So, these were meant to be a snack/appetizer on Thanksgiving day but we realized we already had PLENTY of food out, so more for me 🙂 They refrigerate and reheat well too!
-Cranberry sauce. I made this faux sangria on Thanksgiving which was a HIT! But, I had a lot of leftover fresh cranberries, so I made a sauce tonight. Then I used the sauce on top of chicken thighs and added sliced mushrooms. It was delishhhhh.
-Chimichurri. Okay, confession… I’ve never made chimichurri before, but I think this was close to a real chimichurri. We had leftover arugula from the arugula guacamole I made on Thanksgiving. We also had leftover garlic cloves and cilantro. This also turned out AMAZING. I put it on top of chicken thighs and added whole garlic and squeezed lemon. Yum!
-Bone broth. After I carved the turkey on Thanksgiving I put all the bones into a crockpot and followed this bone broth recipe. Turkey bones are tougher than chicken bones so I left it on low for 72 hours. Tonight I strained the bones and bottled the broth!
-Freeze bananas. This is one of my go-to’s. I always freeze any bananas that are starting to get brown and use them for smoothies throughout the week!
-Guacamole. As I mentioned, I made my arugula guac on Thanksgiving day. Well, we still have some leftover and there were also some avocados that hadn’t been used. So I added them to the already prepared guac, added more lemon juice, and a spoonful on the chimichurri. Yum!

I ate the chicken plus some leftover sweet potatoes for dinner tonight and the rest is for dinner and lunch this week!

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