What does ENERGY medicine have to do with AUTOIMMUNE disease?

As humans, we are made of energy. In fact, EVERYTHING in the world is made of energy.

Energy can be most simply defined as “information that vibrates.” -Cyndi Dale

Our energy expresses itself as organs, thoughts, sounds, etc. However, subtle energy is too high or too low frequency to be measured.

I joke that if we COULD see all of our subtle energy bodies, I’d be a constant state of overstimulation and panic 😉

So, here’s the thing… energy is NOT paranormal, only for psychics to talk about, or scary… AT ALL!

Again, everything in the Universe vibrates!

And even though energetic medicine is seen as more alternative, western medicine utilizes it ALL THE TIME. For example, prescription drugs for a headache alter the vibrations through chemical information send to your brain to instruct cellular behavior and turn off the inflammatory response.

Now, how can WE utilize energetic medicine in autoimmune healing? According to the CDC there is an emotional component to 85 percent of all disease. And emotions are our thoughtways to beliefs. Our subtle energy creates our physical reality. This is often depicted through one aspect of your subtle energy plane, your chakras. You can use the chakras as roadmap for emotional health, which manifests as physical health.

What I explain in this video blog today is… what if, by examining your subtle anatomy, you could diagnose problems before they occur? Or understand your blocks more clearly? Or prevent more autoimmune disease from manifesting?

Listen to the video for more!

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