Why I’m Done Working Hard

Have you heard “if you work hard, you’ll get ________” as many times as I have?

I remember hearing it as a kid (and still today from my Grandpa… keep reading below). If you work hard, then you can have __________. If you work hard, then you will make money. If you work hard, then you will be skinny. If you work hard, then you will win. If you work hard, then you will get good grades. If you work hard, then you will be IMPORTANT.

You know what? It’s not actually true.

You don’t HAVE to bust your ass all day every day in order to live a life you love.
You don’t HAVE to work out every day to love your body.
You don’t HAVE to spend hours and hours and hours researching health topics in order to BE healthy.

I’m sure you’ve heard “work smarter, not harder,” right?

Or “work hard, play hard?”

I’m dropping all of these limiting thoughts because they don’t make me happy.

They just don’t.

Nothing feels GOOD about that.

When I decided to change my mindset this summer, I chose to replace those thought patterns with DO ALL THINGS WITH LOVE. Infuse LOVE into everything. Work from a heart-centered and inspired place. Tune in more closely to your intuition than EVER before.

I’m on vacation right now. I’m not writing this because I feel like I have to or I “need” to or any of that BS. I’m writing right now because I had an intuitive hit, I love to write, and it makes me happy to share this with you.

I was in the car with my grandpa last night. He was lecturing his grandchildren on how hard work will get you places in life. Hard work is what will land you the big girl job. Hard work is what will make you a success. (and that’s what worked for him…he was an extremely successful businessman)

He described life like a ladder. The first 30 years of life you are learning. The second 30 years of life you are building and earning. The last 30 years of life you are giving back.

You know what he didn’t mention? LOVE and FUN.

He might not be all wrong about the ladder. I know I spent the first 30 years of my life LEARNING A LOT.

But, this ladder doesn’t sound so appealing to me. I never want to stop LEARNING (I am ALWAYS enrolled in an education or self development program, it makes me HAPPY). I started BUILDING before what you might define as “ready.” (I learned along the way) I donated and gave back (even if it was just 2% of my paycheck) last week.

I think WAITING is for the fearful, the scared, and the uncommitted.

If you want something, do it TODAY. Start NOW.

You can do ALL of these things throughout your ENTIRE life AND have fun.

And… the biggest message I want to send to you today is… it doesn’t have to be HARD. It can be FUN, and light, and joyful, and exciting, and heart-centered.

When you TUNE IN to your higher self, you are SO divinely led. I have experienced this. Life can be easy. Life can be fun. Life can be whatever the hell you want it to be.
But, you have to dissect what’s holding you back. Then, you just have to START.

I used to respond to compliments with: “oh, well I worked really hard for that.”

Whyyyyy? Whyyyyyy did I do this????

It was as if I didn’t DESERVE it unless I showed people how HARD I had to work to get it.

What if I made $1,000 today while I was out on the boat?
What if I cleared up my skin in ONE easy step?
What if I got rid of my anxious feelings in ONE minute?

What if all of this was just EASY?

That doesn’t mean it can’t also FEEL GOOD. That doesn’t mean I don’t DESERVE it.
Same goes for you, love.

Let’s all commit to STOP, just STOP making everything so HARD.

Let’s start to FLOW with life with more ease.

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