Your Desires are the Pathway to Healing

“I used to think that I could heal someone with my Love. Now I know it takes a lot more than Love. Most of the time, people have to heal themselves.” – Danielle LaPorte

What do you most desire? What do you want in your life?

Go ahead. Let it be a physical “thing.” It’s not the “thing” that you want anyway, it’s the emotion that you are chasing.

Tonight, on “Sunday” Soul Chat I lead the group through some group coaching on desires.

Do you want an extra $500? Maybe you want that shiny new Instant Pot? Or you are dying to take a vacation?

It’s not the $500 (or $1,000 or $100,000) that you want, it’s the FEELING that it brings you.

Here’s some of the work we did together in the video (grab your pen and paper!):
1. What do you want more than anything?
2. Why? What emotions does it create for you?
3. Scan your list of emotions. Is there anything on that list that you don’t feel WORTHY of?
4. What is the story you tell yourself about why you can’t have it?
5. Okay, now ask yourself: is that true?
6. Spoiler: NOPE.
7. How CAN you have? What can you do to move towards it?
8. Okay, pick one thing. Do it RIGHT NOW.

When we’re navigating the land of autoimmune everything can feel BIG and confusing and conflicting. Maybe, this feels like a LOT to sort out on your own…

“You’re complex. And your support system needs to be as multifaceted, robust, and weird as you are.” -Laporte

So, who makes up your support team?

Who would you add?
Who isn’t helping?

Action step: ADD + SUBTRACT team members = #squadgoals

Only when you get clear internally, can you get clear externally.

You have the way forward inside of you. Listen to the video below to work through the questions above and then do a visualization on your desires.

“There wasn’t one type of practitioner or counsellor who could help me navigate my entire course of self-care.” -LaPorte

Still feeling lost? Schedule a Healing Session and let’s work it out!

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