Ep. 17 How to Protect Yourself from EMFs with Dr. Libby Darnell

In this episode, I interviewed Dr. Libby Darnell on electromagnetic frequencies. Dr. Darnell is the founder of Revived Living and creator of the Revived Life Program. She is a Functional Medicine practitioner, Doctor of Chiropractic, wife, and mother of an adorable two year old.

You’ll hear us discuss:

-what are EMFs?

-EMFs sources

-how to know where EMFs are

-what do about your smart meter

-potential symptoms of EMF exposure

-many steps you can take to protect yourself

Dr. Darnell has written her own nutrition programs, taught hundreds of one-on-one workshops throughout the Chicagoland area on health and happiness, and won Illinois Top Ten Chiropractor in 2016. After getting multiple referrals from her local coaching clients, Dr. Darnell created her online coaching university to help her transform her client’s lives internationally. She is also an expert in EMF safety and has advocated for electromagnet radiation hazard awareness for years after experiencing it’s damaging effects personally and in the lives of her friends and family members.

DOWNLOAD TOP 10 EMF ACTION STEPS HERE: www.revivedliving.com/emf

Interested in a NES (bioenergetic) scan? Email Sarah to schedule: sarah@autoimmunetribe.com

March 13, 2019


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