Ep. 108 The Vortex of Trauma, Empaths/HSPs, and Autoimmune Disease with Marci Moberg

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In this episode, we will cover:

  • Past traumas and autoimmune disease
  • How your past traumas and experiences can create stress
  • Physical manifestations of stress, therefore influencing autoimmune diseases
  • Diving into your past traumas
  • Learning to trust your intuition
  • Healing yourself from the inside out
  • Walking synonymously with your traumas and illness

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Episode transcript:

Sarah:   Welcome to the Healing Uncensored podcast. My name is Sarah Small and I’m a life and success coach for empaths who want to create a thriving body, business, and life. Healing my own chronic illnesses as an empath led me to become fascinated with energy, and more specifically all of the emotional, spiritual and holistic healing modalities my doctor never told me about. I began to share my insights and journey online that over time built a powerful community and business supporting women who were also on the pathway to healing. Think of this podcast as your uncensored and no-BS guide to navigating life health and entrepreneurship as an empath. You’ll get no-nonsense and totally holistic tips from me in real-time as I navigate this healing journey right beside you. Now let’s get started.


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Introductions and a look into Marci Moberg’s past

You guys, I’ve been manifesting the most kindred spirits on the podcast lately as interview guests. It’s been so much freaking fun to have these conversations, and to have so many commonalities with guests lately. Today’s guest is Marci Moberg. She’s an intuitive coach and healer, with a passion for reconnecting sensitive souls to their forgotten intuitive nature.  Her work includes coaching individuals and groups to develop their intuition, understand their sensitivity, own their power, and navigate life transitions and relationships with authenticity! She’s a podcast host of “Tune In with Marci”, and has been featured in numerous publications. In today’s episode, we are talking about why empaths and highly sensitive people can struggle with their intuition, what to do about it, as well as how healing our past can help heal our present! We’ll also talk about her theory on the connection between trauma, empaths and autoimmune diseases! I know you’re going to love this because it intersects so many things that I love and I talk about this show. 

Hi Marci and welcome to the show today! 

Marci:  Thank you so much for having me.

Sarah:  We were just talking about how excited I am to have you on the show but also how we speak the same language and have a lot of similarities in our journey! We also discussed how we’ve come to believe the things we’ve come to believe about empathy, intuition, autoimmune disease, chronic illness, etc. Before we dive into some of that, I’d love for you to let the audience get to know you. What does your healing journey look like – the Cliff Notes version?

Marci:  My healing journey is that I had this kind of stunning discovery when I was in my mid-20s where I realized that I had achieved the “American dream”. I was married. I had a really successful job in the government. I was in one of the best grad school programs in the country, and in the world, for my field. I had a lot going for me, but I was super unfulfilled, and my health was falling apart! I didn’t really understand what was happening, other than that something needed to change. I had this moment where I was on the kitchen floor crying. My husband at that time, we had gotten into a disagreement and he had left the house and I didn’t know where he was. He had been gone for a really long time and it was really late at night, and I knew at that moment that everything was not good – and falling apart. 

A couple of weeks after that I had a healer that I had been working with, who had been teaching me meditation techniques. They basically said to me, “If you don’t change something in your life, you won’t live to see 30.”

Sarah:  Wow! 

Marci:  I knew that that was real, and it really hit me hard,  because of how entire systems in my body kept going offline. There were periods of time where I couldn’t even digest chicken broth! There were times where I couldn’t control my bowels! It was really intense and I didn’t understand what was happening! For me, it had to be this moment of coming face-to-face with my reality that my marriage wasn’t working. It was really unhealthy. I had to come to the reality that my job wasn’t working and that wasn’t aligned with me. I didn’t know what my purpose was. I had to come to terms with the fact that my health really was failing and that I was on more medication at that time than my grandfather was…which was absurd to me. 

It was that moment for me, this wakeup call, that I would say started me on this very long, winding journey. I was willing to try everything, with a grain of skepticism, a healthy grain of skepticism. I feel really blessed because I think every single step of the way, the universe brought me the right doctors, or the right practitioners, or the right modalities to help me work through each piece along the way. Which, by the way, was this really, really complex map of things happening physiologically in the body, things happening emotionally, unhealed trauma from my past, hidden trauma that I didn’t remember, etc. I had this massive behemoth of trauma that was sitting there inside of my body, that I actually didn’t remember, until I started doing this work to leave my marriage, leave my job, and then everything slowly started to become clear. Although….it was a long process.

Sarah:  Absolutely, I resonate with those moments where you want to throw in the towel. You want to give up. You’re like, when am I gonna finally get an answer? Even sometimes when you get a diagnosis – like you got the diagnosis of Lyme and I’ve gotten numerous diagnoses – but that doesn’t always mean you’re going to go home and you’re going to feel better. It’s like, now I have a better idea of the pathway I can take to heal, but that diagnosis…there’s no magic one that immediately heals and fixes everything.

We have all the physical things that are happening in our body, which we could go to our doctors or practitioners and get help with, but then there’s this whole other layer, which is emotional and spiritual and the energetic. You were just talking about starting to heal some of your past, which includes things like those hidden traumas that have been unearthed, childhood wounds, ancestral patterns, etc. What are some of the things that you realized about your past, that you were able to heal, and see not only relief within the emotional body, but also relief in the physical body?

How did healing things of your past, allow you to feel relief within your emotional body, but also your physical body? How are those things related?

Marci:  I’ve been hearing a lot of focus on my second chakra area, my sacral chakra area, which was holding a lot of sexual abuse from my past. It was holding a lot of trauma around my creativity. I had really stamped my creativity down when I was working in the government because I had to follow bureaucracy. I felt like I was being forced into a widget. The essence of my soul, which is the spiritual level, the essence of who I am, is a very, very deeply artistic, creative person – and that was deeply unfulfilled. It was like peeling back the layers of that, step by step. 

The first step was a healer, an energy healer, telling me I don’t know what’s happening with your second chakra, but it literally looks like a nuclear bomb is about ready to go off! At that time, I was going through yoga teacher training, and learning about the chakras and I realized, ‘Oh, that’s interesting. This is connected to my creativity!’ So then I started allowing myself to write. I started to journal a lot at that time in my life. I started to give myself permission to paint. I went out to Michael’s and I bought finger paints because I knew that I needed to get in touch with a younger version of myself. I started to allow the creative side of myself to come back out. That also happened to be around the same time that I ended up getting divorced. That was the first layer. 

After that, I started to allow myself to embody who I was, express myself in friendships, and express myself fully in relationships. That was really hard for me, because of the past that I, at that point, still didn’t remember.  Although, the recent past that I had known about, was my marriage. Which had fallen apart and which had included domestic violence. Therefore, it literally didn’t feel safe to fully express myself, because at that time my ex was unfortunately in an emotionally and mentally unwell state – where I didn’t feel like I had full space to express myself.  That was another phase. It was like translating it from this intimate space of allowing myself to explore my creativity and expression and then allowing myself to be seen more by other people and how I related to people. Additionally, how I dressed and what I did with my hair…things that seem kind of surface level…but are at the center of what’s aching inside of you, as a sense of needing to express yourself creatively, can be really healing. 

Over time, and doing some past-life healing work for myself, recognizing that I had sexual trauma in past lives as well, that sexual trauma is something that exists in my family line. When I first started touching the sexual trauma piece, I actually didn’t realize it was mine. I thought what I was sensing was the ancestral line. I knew that trauma had existed on the maternal line in my family, and I thought that that’s really what it was and that it came down to literally just being in my DNA. 

After I started doing that kind of work, that’s when spontaneously I felt I was safe enough in my body, for the memories to come up. From there, memories would start coming up to me in meditation, in dreams, while I was walking down the street, etc. All these trauma memories started coming through to me, and I worked with them -both myself and then with the support of my trauma therapist. There’s a lot of layers, and it resulted in finally getting cleared last year, by my OBGYN and no longer having endometriosis! I used to have chronic endometriosis. I used to have ovarian cysts, and that’s all gone. I used to have constant vaginal infections, and that’s now gone. Which is pretty amazing because I started having issues in that space of my body…starting at age 11!

Sarah:  Wow! It’s fascinating to me when we work on a chakra center, and then the organs in that area of the body that are associated with that energy center,  all of a sudden start to resolve! Or, you go in for your yearly checkup or something, and all of a sudden, your thyroid antibodies have decreased or something along those lines. It makes so much sense because we are not segregated parts! We are this whole energy body as a human being. I’m fascinated by hidden trauma!

So, a quick story, I filmed a documentary in my early 20s, about a woman who was stolen from her family in India and was adopted by a family here in the United States. She went back and found her mother later on. Through some therapy, she discovered these memories that were previously not accessible to her. They started to come back, and she started to have these memories of sexual abuse and assault as a three-year-old girl. I told the story in the documentary, but what I always wanted to ask her that I never had the opportunity to, and so I’m going to ask you is, what was it like to start to have some of those memories, specifically traumatic memories resurface? Did you doubt yourself like, “oh, that’s not real.” How did you navigate that?

How to navigate trusting your past experiences and your inner voice, while also noting the difference of being an empath and an intuitive person.

Marci:  Doubt is a huge part of it. For me, the memory started coming up about two or three years before it finally showed up. I was already working with my therapist. I’ve been working with my therapist and my mentor for years now and so I was already doing work with her, but this is not something that we were working on specifically. It came up for me in sound healing. 

I was in a sound healing listening to singing bowls, ironically, it was a sound bath that was specifically focused on the second chakra, and what happened for me is one of my guides showed up and then took me into a basement. Basically invited me to follow him into the basement, which of course is the basement of my consciousness, which I didn’t put two and two together. When he opened the door, it’s like this flood of memories came back. It was really hard to not doubt or to reconcile with because it’s the last thing I would have thought – and it’s the last person I would have thought and it was. I wouldn’t have put those two pieces together. But when I did put the pieces together, honestly, everything in my life made sense. 

I understand now why this relationship with this person is so bizarre and tenuous, and why there’s been this strange dynamic my whole life with them. I understand now why I was so susceptible to abuse in relationships. I understand now why my guard was down in situations when it shouldn’t have been down. 

When I really started to pull the string and unravel it, I slowly allowed myself to trust it. I think the only way I was able to really trust it is because it kept coming up consistently. I feel in my body, and then I had a trauma therapist, that was there to be able to validate it, This sounds cheesy, but one of the things that I’m really excited about, is that I just got the opportunity to see Frozen 2. In Frozen 2, they talk about how water has memory. Our body is 80% water, which means that there’s this amazing amount of memory held inside of us. So for me, it was really, validating to have those pieces. At the beginning, though, it was extremely … difficult.  Even after I finally gave myself permission to acknowledge this is real, it was metaphorically longer and deeper and complicated. It wasn’t just one person, there were multiple instances. It was just this long thing – that I wasn’t even expecting.

I would go through periods of time where I would trust and then cycle into doubt, trust and then cycle into doubt, until I finally got to a place of saying, “okay, I can finally trust this.” It’s a long time to get to that place of trust in yourself. For me, and I think it’s the case for a lot of people when you remember these incidents in your early experience, it shatters all of these fantasies that your mind has created as a survival mechanism. It’s literally like doing revisionist history!

I think all of us have to do at some point, to heal our past. All of us,  in order to really fully embody the present and fully be connected to our intuition, our inner voice, we need to do the revisionist history of our life. When you have trauma in your past, and it’s so earth-shatteringly opposite, to the illusions you’ve built in your mind, that revisionist history is so much harder!

Sarah: I love that you brought up that part of the reason you feel you’re able to access that basement of the conscious mind, is that you started to develop a place of safety in your life and in your body. You really were surrendering to the frequency of the singing bowls, and you’re opening yourself up to healing. Research also shows that our bodies are adaptive, and adapted to keep us safe, and we have these very intense survival mechanisms and defense mechanisms inherent within us. It makes a lot of sense to me, that in that place of safety the subconscious is now saying, she’s ready for this. She’s ready to go into that space. She’s ready to unearth this and it’s not going to throw her off, so much so that she can’t handle it. Yes, it’s still challenging, of course, but there’s going to be tools – or you have the tools-  of going back and really rethinking some of the parts of our childhood. I’m sure that probably could induce some nervousness or some fear in some people. They’re like, Oh, my God is my childhood real? What really happened? To me, it’s just a reminder to really trust our body and to trust that if there is anything that needs to be unearthed for us, in order to heal physical or emotional or energetic parts of our body, trust that it’s going to be unearthed at the exact time that we need to be able to see it. At the exact time that we need to gather that new information that previously was locked into ourselves, and not consciously apparent to us. 

You mentioned intuition…the energetic component of this…and being in tune with what’s happening in your chakras, would you identify as an empath as well, Marci?

Marci:  Yeah. 3000 thousand percent. Yes.

Sarah:  I’d love to hear your journey of realizing that you are an empath, and how that has affected this process, and your life in general as well.

Understanding being an empath

Marci:  Yeah, that’s been hugely recognizing that I’m an empath. I’m a highly sensitive person. I’m also intuitive. If I were to translate what that means, it means that my system is very turned on at all times, and soaking up a lot of information. Learning those different pieces for myself was really important. Learning the distinctions of them has been really important to be able to sort through what is my intuition, versus what is more of my empathic nature, where I’m absorbing stuff like a sponge, and it’s actually not mine…and what is just the nature of my highly sensitive nervous system, which gets easily overwhelmed by environments and people and crowds.

I don’t really recall how it happened and how I was able to come in contact with these labels, but in essence, I came in touch with them before I ended up getting in touch with the research around that, which was really validating. That’s kind of what happens. I don’t know what it is, but somehow my guides always end up guiding me, I would say back is the best way I can describe it, where I’ll have an experience of something and I’ll come into a knowing of something, and then I’ll be exposed to the word or to the name of the thing that’s happened, and then I’ll be exposed later to research or writing around it that then can validate it. I think that this is really a graceful thing that my spirit team does, because of my past, it’s allowed me to develop a really strong trust in myself. 

When I finally recognized that I was an empath, it gave me another layer of understanding why things like relationships were so hard for me…because, in my mind, it made no sense. I grew up with two parents that are still married. They still love each other. They consider each other their best friends. Why am I so bad at relationships? Part of it was this trauma that had existed and then had gotten perpetuated over the years, through micro-traumas, and then bigger traumas. I never really took the time to acknowledge it happened. The other layer of it is the fact that I am an empath and I am this sponge, and for people who are listening that aren’t as familiar with that language…as an empath, you literally are a sponge and you take on feelings and sensations and thought forms and energies of your environment as if it is you. You don’t distinguish that. 

I didn’t understand that. I would have situations in relationships where I would suddenly spontaneously feel angry, but there would be no ‘why?’ There would be no reason. Especially after developing a really strong practice of meditation and self-awareness and journaling, and I couldn’t connect the pieces. Why am I angry? I don’t know. There’s nothing. I’m searching, I’m searching, and I’m searching. There’s nothing. Then having that understanding, I was able to start distinguishing and thinking… I’m not angry right now. Maybe my partner is angry and he’s not expressing it. Maybe I’m not sad right now. This person in front of me is sad, and I’m feeling their grief. This kind of ideas kept coming into my mind. Is this mine or not mine? That started becoming a really interesting exploration for me, and as I started to be able to understand that that was actually something that happens for people, then it allowed me to start sorting out everything even clearer. Okay, what is my truth? Let me give back this emotion that’s not mine. Let me give back this thought that was not mine. Okay, what’s left? Again, it’s complicated because it’s for me personally – and I find this is the case for a lot of my clients, is the empathic piece is very intertwined with complex trauma, all those pieces. It’s like their empathic nature is a gift. It became a way that they were always people-pleasing and worrying about other people’s needs, before their own, and constantly being a touchpoint and a thermometer for everyone else in the environment! That was the case for me. Recognizing, I can have a choice here, and learn how to be a thermostat, and I can develop some sovereignty over my internal experience! That was a game-changer! It took a lot of time, and a lot of trial and error, and a lot of wrong relationships, painful relationships to get to the place where now I’m finally happily married and in a healthy partnership. 

Sarah:  Relationships teach us so much! You’re just deciphering what is intuition, versus what is your highly sensitive nature, versus what is the sponginess of other people’s energy. Once you become clear on what your intuition felt like, and how you experienced it in your life, how did that play into your healing process as well?

Did locking into your knowledge of your intuition, affect your healing process and your journey to where you are today?

Marci:  I would say it played into my healing process in the sense of being able to trust myself because my intuition has always been strong. It wasn’t a matter of me needing to tune into it for the first time. It was rather that it was covered up by all these other layers, which then made it very confusing. I would have, for example, an inner-knowing about a way forward on my path, but because of my trauma, and because of my empathic nature, I would move into really intense cycles of self-doubt and self-questioning, and inner criticism and over-analysis and analysis paralysis…of which way to move forward. Is this really the next right step? I’m both a very scientific person and also a highly artistic person. My mind works well with evidence. I had to have enough times where I could look back evidentially, and despite my cycling of doubt, when I followed it, my findings ended up being in support of me. 

Whether that was working with a specific practitioner or a certain modality. It was really getting to this place of noticing for my intuition, what is the consistent knowing…despite the noise of the doubts. When the doubt gets quiet, what’s there? When the doubts are loud, what else is there? I always tell people who are highly sensitive people and are empaths, one of the best things we can do is just to allow ourselves time to slow down. Slowing down is really big because we’re processing so much information. We don’t just take in the obvious; we take in the subtle according to research. Also, giving ourselves more time and space to process and to integrate. A lot of for me had to come from slowing down. Slow down, literally, how I’m moving in the world sometimes. If I’m feeling really overwhelmed, there’s a self-doubt cycle. It’s likely that my nervous system is overwhelmed. Let me self-resource. Let me nourish my nervous system. Let me ground myself, and then let me get curious and give myself space to process, to integrate my experience. When I slow down, when I give myself space, when I give myself moments of pause to integrate what’s happening…when I nourish my nervous system…the intuition is even clearer because I don’t have so much noise on top of it!

Sarah:  You explain these concepts very beautifully. I so appreciate it and I’m even having these little neural connections! It makes so much sense, and when people haven’t heard it explained, especially in a clear concise way, they aren’t aware of it yet. I’m hoping that the audience is also having these sparks of …’ that’s me!’

We talked about some chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, empathy, trauma, hidden trauma…and you mentioned that you have a theory on the connection between these three things – trauma, empath, and autoimmune conditions – and I would love to hear what that is, and how you’ve come to see that connection in your own life or your own work?

How do you connect trauma, your empathic personality, and autoimmune conditions together?

Marci:  These three pieces are like a Venn diagram. There are many of us that have – and a lot of my clients are like this. They’re an empath, and they have a history of trauma. There’s a theory I have, and then there are questions that I’m curious about…that I don’t know if I’ll find the answers to in my lifetime or not, but the theory I have is that those three spaces connecting in the center of that Venn diagram, is that they struggle with boundaries and that their trauma is connected in some way. Whether it’s an actual physical boundary like myself, like sexual trauma or it could be other consistent boundary violations. Emotional and psychological, or intellectual or spiritual…like Intensely spiritual people constantly pushing their spiritual beliefs onto you. I see that especially if it happens early on in childhood if you have this early on childhood boundary violation, it’s as if that empathic nature you’re born with, is like your receptors get stuck open and, that gets translated into the cells of your body through your autoimmune system. That system is the boundary keeper, and if you, on a spiritual and emotional level, are not able to navigate boundaries…then physiologically, how can your body follow suit and navigate boundaries as well? 

I can say for myself, and for a lot of my clients, they’ve seen significant changes when we work on that center and navigating it – not just boundaries of learning how to say yes, learning how to say no, – but, nuances. Really getting into the complexities of boundaries with ourselves, our internal boundaries, minding our internal boundaries, the different parts of ourselves, minding the different boundaries with different relationships. That’s the big piece for me. The big question is that people come in and they are born empaths, and then the trauma comes in and then creates this immune condition? Is it that they come in and the trauma creates the empath and the autoimmune? I’m not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg pieces. What I can say so, from working with a lot of people, is that the central thing I consistently see…is that boundaries are the number one issue. When they start to address that, physical healing is possible.

Sarah:  I love that. That brings us back to what we initially talked about… how there are these physical symptoms in the sacral area, and when you address it from not just a physical modality, but instead of the more holistic approach, you ultimately start to see a lot of the shift and change within that specific physical area.  We can see the physical with our human eyes, but these nuances, the subtleness to it, has more of an energetic component than what our eyes can see. If boundaries are in the center of this, as well of this lack of boundaries and how that then opens us or exposes us – where you’re just kind of always in survival mode. Do you notice that at all, survival mode in our bodies?

How would you tie the idea of ‘survival mode’ into all of this, in relation to our bodies?

Marci:  Absolutely. If you’re already an empath, and your nervous system is already more sensitive, it gets exhausted and has a smaller threshold than someone else’s nervous system. if we look back in ancient times, people, according to what their understanding about DNA was is a trait that at some point was passed down as support for survival, because the person that would have a highly attuned nervous system like that would be highly sensitive nature that may be very empathic, maybe picked up on things that actually helped their group survive. Understanding the subtlety of there’s a fire coming…and we need to move, or picking up on the sense that there’s a wild and dangerous animal around, things like that they were able to pick up in their environment. When your nervous system is constantly taxed, and they say statistically, the majority of people these days are actually chronically stressed. 

You take chronic stress, place it with a nervous system that has a lower threshold, and if your listeners are anything like how I was for a long time, trying to keep up with the 80 to 75% people who have a different physiological threshold on their nervous system, it does overextend. When you overextend yourself, you do move into a chronic state of likely being into more of a survival mode, where your system is literally just trying to survive. 

When you translate that into an emotional state, that can create situations where people are feeling more reactive. Just because you’re constantly never allowed to slow down. Your system is constantly revved up.

Sarah:  I think that’s where sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in victimhood, because you literally feel like you’re being attacked by the world, but then that victimhood doesn’t serve us either. While on one hand it makes sense why you would feel that way, staying in that place is it’s almost impossible to heal because that victim mindset, I can’t get any better. This just happened to me and I know I’ve personally been in victimhood at different periods, different parts of my life, but the healing came when I realized that life wasn’t happening to me and I wasn’t just a victim of everything happening around me…even though I was highly sensitive, even though I am an empath, even though I have multiple chronic illnesses. Instead I started to see those things as empowerment, and therefore my soul’s growth. What do you feel like are some of the golden nuggets that have come out of your journey?

What are some of the golden nuggets that you’ve come across on your journey?  What can you share with us?

Marci:  I tell people this all the time, I think Lyme is one of my greatest gurus and people find that strange. I have a different relationship with my trauma I think, than maybe some people do, and not everyone needs to get to this place. When people asked me if you were able to go back and not go through your first marriage, would you go back and not do it…knowing what you know now? And I said, No, I would do it because I wouldn’t be the person I am today without that. I wouldn’t be able to actually be the healer I am today. Was it extremely painful? Yes. Was it devastating? Yeah. Did it almost take me out? Absolutely. It’s hard to say, but I can’t even imagine my life without that.

With Lyme, it’s been really powerful because I didn’t realize how much I was pushing myself all the time – and how I was constantly on ‘running’ and go, go, go mode. When Lyme got activated in me, when my illness started really started, it was this important reminder to come home to the body. Who I am, it’s very easy for me to connect intuitively. It’s very hard for me to be in this body. It’s very easy for me to be on a spiritual path and do spiritual practices… but very hard for me to deal with human things like relationships. I do feel like this Lyme, this condition in my body, is here to anchor me, and part of this mastery that I came here to learn… how can I have so much compassion for myself, that I give myself permission to slow down in little moments here and there when the rest of life is moving really fast. How can I give myself so much permission to really honor my needs, even if other people don’t? 

I don’t think I would have come into such a deep relationship with myself and with my body, without Lyme.. I was moving too fast. I was very achievement-oriented. I was very goal-oriented, very Type A, and I don’t think that I would have been able to be in my body and be in a relationship with myself. I don’t think I would have been able to heal my trauma and recognize it. Lyme is an extension of my spirit, my soul, and this kind of last-ditch effort…to get me to wake up.

Sarah:  I relate so much like I love to be in my imagination. I love to be airy and floaty and meditative, and then you ask me to come down and do human things and deal with human stuff. It’s like, do I have to do it? When your physical body is experiencing these symptoms that are uncomfortable, that may turn out to be chronic, we kind of have no choice but to come into our bodies and start to communicate with it. Ask it what it needs, gives it what it needs. and be noticing the way that it’s so easy to be floating in the upper chakras. Can we bring that ease down into our human body and our lower chakras as well? It makes me so happy how you described that because I know so many people are going to get so much out of this. I thank you so much, Marci. Is there anything else that you feel like we left out today that you want to share? 

Marci:  Thank you for having me. I’ve really enjoyed the conversation a lot. I definitely feel like mutual spirits together. It’s been really fun. I think the thing I would leave people with is that, if any of this is resonating with you, you’re an empath. If you’re an empath and you’re struggling with autoimmune conditions, whatever that kind of Venn diagram looks like for you…or you’re an empath and you have trauma…or, you don’t have an autoimmune situation, whatever that is. I think that if you want to be more connected to your intuition, you want to be more connected to your inner voice, whether it’s just your inner voice or all the way to your spirit guides…there’s really no bypassing your past. I say that because, as I mentioned right before you asked this, I really think that for me, chronic illness was this tether to bring me back home, and really to prevent me from a life of spiritual bypassing. We’re here to be human. We’re here to deal with the messiness. So for those who are listening, let it be messy. Embrace the messiness. Be willing to go into your past and to explore that, with the support of a professional. Do so at a pace that’s going to be loving and supportive of you…because that is ultimately what’s going to connect you more deeply to your intuition. 

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January 27, 2020


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